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5 Fun And Easy Online Date Ideas!

5 Fun And Easy Online Date Ideas!

It's been a week since the Heightened Alert has kicked in, so how has everyone been holding up? If you're missing your friends or partners, you aren't alone! We have re-introduced our Online Date service recently, where you can enjoy a video call with your partner to get to know them!

But how can you make your online date a fun and engaging one? This is a problem whether it's a first date or if you have been in a long term relationship. Everyone must be sick and tired of Zoom calls or such by now, so let us introduce a few fun and engaging ideas you can try on your next virtual date (along with some personal opinions and recommendations of mine)!

1. Game Together

Personally, this is my favourite way of spending time with my friends and partner! It's highly interactive, keeps you both engaged, and you can have a great time co-operating or battling it out, whatever the game demands! My friends and I particularly enjoy Genshin Impact, which is an open-world role-playing game that allows co-op play.

If RPGs aren't your thing, you can try out other games like Animal Crossing, Jackbox Party Pack, Sky: Children of Light and Among Us. Before you get started though, do ensure that you have the prerequisite systems! A couple of listed games require a Switch console or PC, but there are also many games that simply require nothing more than your phone and the app. What if you're not into gaming? Well, you can try the rest!

2. Online Quizzes

Online couple quizzes are a fun and easy way to get to know each other, especially if you don't really have that much to talk about at first! If you both enjoy pop culture, Buzzfeed and uQuiz offer a ton of fun personality tests that are mainly centred around music, TV shows and more. If not, they do have some general quizzes available. 

There are other sites as well that offer more in-depth personality/psychological tests, such as on The Enneagram Institute and MBTI tests! It's a fun way to see if you might be compatible or simply to learn about each other as people.

Other sites, such as Kahoot!, allow you to create your own trivia quizzes for each other, where you can test how well you know each other (in a lighthearted way of course, don't take it too seriously!). Basically, just Google "quizzes for couples" and we guarantee that you will find a treasure trove of information and sites!

3. Watch TV and movies!

Apps & extensions such as Teleparty and allow you to watch the same thing. For Teleparty, at least one person needs an account on a supported streaming service (check out the link for a full list!) to host the watch party. Basically, install the extension, open a video, create the teleparty, and share the link! You and your partner can enjoy the same movie in high quality, with chat enabled so that you can continue talking!

As for, it's more universal – you can basically share anything on your screen, or videos that you have downloaded. This doesn't require any installation/signups (unless you're on mobile, in which case you will need their app). In fact, Kosmi even includes activities like virtual card games and video game emulators as shown in the following screenshot – it's impossible to get bored!

While video calling apps/sites like Google Meets and Zoom (or even Discord) also offer screen share functions, I've found them to be rather poor at handling video streaming, and would lead to a lot of frustration… The above sites come very highly recommended after my own personal experiences with them!

4. Virtual Museum Tours and 360 Videos

In the early days of our courtship, my partner and I would actually do such virtual tours or watch 360 videos together. Virtual tours are exactly what it says on the tin: you get to explore incredible, world-famous museums online, and for free! This site offers a list of museums that continue to offer virtual galleries and exhibits. This is perfect for couples that love the finer things in like, such as art and culture. Even if that doesn't sound like your thing, why not just try it out? You may find yourself surprised.

As for 360 videos, they are videos that offer a highly immersive 360-degree view. You can swipe/drag your phone or PC screen to view the video like a panorama, or even simply move your phone around (if it has a gyroscope enabled) to see different views! I was particularly enamoured with 360 videos of aquariums, as I really loved how dark and immersive they tended to be. They were incredibly romantic to boot, as my partner and I talked about our favourite animals and places we wanted to go to!

Do note that you would probably need to do a video call for this with a screen share function, or you can use the abovementioned website for these!

5. Dine Together

…wait what? I hear you say. Yes, dining out is prohibited, but there's another way to dine together! Seriously!

All you have to do is order the same food and eat in front of the computer together, discussing your day and winding down together. I know, I know, this doesn't sound like the most romantic option. Ordering delivery and plopping down in front of your laptop to eat might not sound all that enjoyable at first, but it's a sweet and calm way to enjoy some quality time together.

I recommend looking for a more upscale restaurant that offers delivery options for this date idea! That way, the quality of the food is better assured, rather than things like fast food or chain stalls. Try to order what you normally would were you to go to the place in question. Sugar daddies, do be the gentleman here and pay for the food if you can – that will make for a better and more authentic experience for sure! And everyone ought to look presentable at least – this is a date we're talking about!

Then, simply turn on your video calling app, and start chatting and eating just as you always would. It may be a different experience, and one you're not used to, but sometimes, all you need is just to wind down and have a good conversation. You can even discuss future plans and promise to have dinner there once restaurants reopen! Definitely something to look forward to, don't you think?

I hope that this little guide has helped you think of some ideas for your online dates! Take it from me – they are personally tried and tested!

Posted by on 23/5/2021