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The Diary of Riene – 9/7/2021

The Diary of Riene – 9/7/2021

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope it has been a great Friday for everyone! It's pretty exciting to hear that restrictions are being further lifted from next week onwards, isn't it? Though, I am still a bit wary 😅

It'll be nice for sure though, all my close friends and I have received at least our first vaccine dose so we're all looking forward to meeting in time. It'll be nice to meet the whole group again – I think I've actually met more members for work than my own friends in recent weeks… 🤣

Meeting new people is, as always, one of the most fun things about this job though! For example, I had a meeting with a Singaporean gentleman today, and it was quite an interesting meeting, being able to chat with him quite easily. In fact, we even found out we lived rather near each other and even shared a couple of food recommendations in the area!

There have also been various similar experiences that I treasure. To be honest, I do connect more easily with the ladies I meet, and I still tend to be a bit nervous around men, but I've definitely learnt to be more comfortable around everyone regardless of gender!

I think the shy and quiet me of my childhood and teenage years would be enormously shocked to know what kind of person she has since grown into 😂😂 But I think she would have been very happy to know that. Perhaps even the members who have met me would be surprised to know this – I've often been told that I come across as an outgoing and friendly person! I try my best to be, certainly~

It'll be about time to sign off soon too! Well, then I hope everybody has a great weekend ahead, and I'll see you soon enough for the next instalment of this blog~!

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