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The Diary of Riene – 16/7/2021

The Diary of Riene – 16/7/2021

Good evening all!

Well, we're back to a limit of 2 for dining-in (unless of course, you've been fully vaccinated, have done pre-event testing, etc~)

At least I'll still be able to have dinner with my best friend next week, but I'll certainly be doing my best to stay safe! Any face-to-face meetings, if they must be held, will also follow restrictions strictly! And yes, I will keep my mask on and sanitize my hands a lot!

Everyone, please stay safe in the meantime, okay! I really want to be able to meet more members soon, for interviews and shoots~ And really, like I've said many a time – it's always nice to meet new people. In times like this, I miss human contact a lot…

In Japan, before the pandemic, we even had things like mixers/parties – basically the ladies and gentlemen could freely mingle at these parties moderated by the staff, and meet each other! I've never done it, and we haven't managed to hold such a party in Singapore at all. However I hope that it can come to fruition someday in the future (whenever that day might be)~

So take care, and may I soon meet all of you soon!

Posted by on 16/7/2021