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The Diary of Riene – 23/7/2021

The Diary of Riene – 23/7/2021

Hello everyone, it's been a while~ Apologies, it's been a really busy week so far!

Exciting news for the International team, as we are coordinating a date in the US! As I speak, my colleagues on the International team are actually waiting to board a flight overseas, setting up a date and a project with details soon to come!

Well… and I'm here in Singapore, unable to leave LOL! I haven't really been able to do anything besides doing online meetings and all… I had plans with friends but of course, dining-in is no longer allowed for another month… To think that barely 2 weeks ago, we were at 0 Covid cases :')

And while this does mean we can't really coordinate physical dates in Singapore right now, we're also doing our best to improve our services during this trying time and figure out ways to ensure you still have a good and fun dating experience with Universe Club! So if you have any ideas, you know where to find me~

We really hope that it gets better before long, and we can freely schedule some fun, exciting dates for all our cherished members soon!

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