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The Diary of Riene – 4/8/2021

The Diary of Riene – 4/8/2021

Good evening and happy Wednesday, or perhaps hump day for many! Hopefully everyone has gotten through it well~

And with today, it marks 2 weeks since the start of Phase 2 HA and another 2 weeks till it ends!

As for me, I'll be going to see a dear friend off tomorrow – she is going to be in the US for a few years, so it's the last day we'll have to spend any more time together. While it'll be a sad goodbye, I'm sure we'll see each other again before long! I have many plans to travel post-pandemic lol~

Who knows, we might even end up arranging an overseas date in the city my friend is in! And I'll be able to go visit while working 😂 I actually have a number of friends all living in the States, so honestly, I'm pretty excited to see if we might be able to arrange dates there, and if I might be able to fly over as well!

I'll admit, with this I definitely understand why our gentlemen aren't really so keen on online dates. Maybe it has to do with how Singapore is so small too – anywhere is about an hour away at most, and it's so easy to meet. With bigger countries, it's easier to get used to online meetings since people naturally tend to live and work further apart. But here, it's really so cosy that it's hard to feel the same connection when far apart…

Of course, I'm just talking about a friend, but I really think the feeling must be similar! Still, if not for technology I know I wouldn't be able to easily talk to my friends and partner, living on the opposite side of the world! It's not the easiest thing to get used to after spending lots of physical time with people… Hopefully, as cases continue to trend downwards, our members can get to meet before long, but I also hope that our members will try our letter date or online date options as well!

As always, you know where to find us – we are always just one WhatsApp/LINE/email message away! So do contact us soon, and try out an online date for yourself!

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