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The Diary of Riene – 9/9/2021

The Diary of Riene – 9/9/2021

Good afternoon everyone~ Though I haven't managed to post here in a while, I do hope that everyone's doing well!

With it being 9/9, there sure are plenty of sales around – maybe you have already gone on a shopping spree yourself! It's really tempting to buy fancy things and go for some retail therapy, especially with the times we currently live in…

Cases have been rising even more lately, so I'm sure many people are worried. What better than a spot of online shopping or the like to cheer oneself up, right? Though funnily enough, I recall having a conversation just like this a year back with a member, who was telling me all about the stuff she bought as she was bored out of her mind from quarantine!

Of course, Universe Club is also having our very own promotion – not just for 9/9, but for the whole month of September! As the situation in Singapore evolves and changes, we're also looking to adapt! We know it's been a hard year for everybody with fewer dates possible, so it's definitely through such promotions that we hope to encourage our members to go on dates too!

We hope that we can get our cherished members' support throughout, and do look out for even more events over the next few months and year!

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