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The Diary of Riene: 21/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 21/11/2021

It's been a week again…! Sorry it's been so long, but I actually had a bit of a longer break than usual! I've sure needed the rest, as it's been really busy…

Anyway, I'd actually love to make a recommendation this time around~ Over the last week, I had the opportunity to visit the SEA Aquarium for the first time! And yes, I know it's been around for 9 years at this point, but I never had the chance to go (that or I was always busy, or I couldn't find a friend to go with, etc). But yep, I finally managed to go with a dear friend!

So, up until now, I hadn't actually known that the Ocean Restaurant existed. And it was an incredible experience, one I believe our members will find very interesting!

My friend and I got a ticket with a behind-the-scenes tour and afternoon tea bundled together. The tour was very interesting and fascinating, but do note it would be important to be dressed more casually for it as your shoes or clothes might get wet from touring the area, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for the date itself.

However, the Ocean Restaurant was truly amazing! We got a table right next to a glass panel where we could see literally thousands of fishes swimming by us. Among them included stingrays (with their adorable faces!) and sharks, and even one hammerhead shark! There's a shark habitat just beyond this one, but apparently, this hammerhead shark was a little too small and got bullied by the other sharks, and thus was placed in this tank instead 😂 

It was really stunning, and an experience I wholeheartedly recommend. Obviously, the food was also just as good, and also featured a couple of savory treats made with sustainable seafood. With my huge sweet tooth, I was obsessed with the sweets course and the pumpkin scones in particular! It all made for a very filling afternoon tea treat actually, and quite possibly the best I have ever had in my life.

The high tea experience is available till the 2nd of January, though the last time I checked tickets appeared fully booked… However, they are also open for lunch and dinner bookings. And even if you aren't interested in the aquarium itself, you can still enter the Ocean Restaurant via Equarius Hotel! So you need not book aquarium tickets, and can simply come for a unique meal experience that is bound to delight all your senses!

Posted by on 21/11/2021