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The Diary of Riene: 27/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 27/11/2021

Another week has flown by again, hasn't it? Well, I swear it's not because I'm too lazy to update or anything like that! Actually, I was down with a cold the past few days, necessitating a few days of MC… It was horrible, lol.

Thankfully, it's not COVID! But I still felt like death, shivering in bed and hacking up a lung for at least two days before finally feeling better. Even now, my nose's a bit blocked and I'm coughing a bit, but I finally feel clear-headed enough to work properly, so here I am!

This really goes to show how important proper rest is, doesn't it? Even though I had a pretty long break just last week, maybe my body still wasn't satisfied (admittedly, I was out for quite a bit rather than staying home, lol). And I also have a pretty bad habit of pushing myself too hard and squeezing in outings with friends and the like on my days off… it was like my body telling me to finally stop, or else 😅😅

I'm glad to be back though, and though I needed to catch up on quite a lot of things once I returned, I'm sure glad I have a great International Team to help and work alongside with!

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