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The Diary of Riene: 1/12/2021

The Diary of Riene: 1/12/2021

How quickly time flies! It's already December…

What a year this has been! I remember that at the start of the year, I believed we could travel more freely than we do now, and that I could even be planning a trip to Japan by now – something of a "working holiday" if you will, where I'd still be working remotely, but also be in Japan and travel around on my days off!

Yet that was not to be… Instead, Singapore has faced a surge of cases lately, new variants of the virus surfaced this year, and more. I'm lucky that I've been safe all along, and only fallen sick with mild colds, but of course, I can't say for sure I'll never get it (though I can hope!)

Anyway, though, this also means Christmas is coming up in just a few weeks! It's very exciting for me, finally being able to spend time with my close friends again (and I hope it stays that way)!

Now, for our male members, Christmas – or December in general – is an excellent time to take your date out to a festive dinner! It may be pretty difficult to go out on Christmas itself or make bookings, so remember to make your bookings early or make alternative plans before or after Christmas itself!

Me? Well I'm just going to spend Christmas with my close friends, cooking and baking together and exchanging gifts, but I'm sure many of you have other (perhaps romantic?) plans in mind! And yes, we will be here throughout the month to help you set up some amazing and romantic dates, and I'll be publishing a new blog about Christmas date ideas, so don't forget to check it out soon!

Posted by on 1/12/2021