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Profile Display by Male Class

Profile Display by Male Class

We have released a new feature that displays profiles according to the male members’ class.

What is the new function?

Until now, once a lady has been registered, her profile was displayed immediately to all male members regardless of class.

However, is it really equal if members in both higher and lower classes could view the female members’ profiles at the same time?
This was a question we received for some time.

From now on, the time it takes for profiles to be displayed will be changed depending on the member’s class.

To be exact, when a lady registers, we will first display her only to Black class male members for the first 2 days.

Platinum, Gold, and Standard ladies will also be given priority to Black class men for the first two days (the day of registration and the day after).

This ensures that Black class men receive the opportunity to make offers to ladies before Platinum, Gold and Standard class members.

Though it is by only 2 days, we believe it will be helpful in making offers ahead of time.

Afterwards, for the next 2 days (2 and 3 days after the registration date), it will only be shown to Platinum and Black men.
This means that even when making an offer to a Gold or Standard lady, Black and Platinum men will still have priority.

After another 2 days (4 and 5 days after registration), Gold class men will be able to view the profiles.

6 days after registration, all male members will be able to view the profiles.

You can also see if you’re viewing all members via the “B P G” display in the list, so you can check if you’re currently viewing a limited number of women.


If it says “B”, it is only visible to Black class members.

If it says “B P”, it is visible to Black and Platinum class members.

If it says “B P G”, it is visible to Black, Platinum and Gold class members.


If you don’t see anything, the profile is visible to all members.
(There is no indication on the lady’s own page, so she would not know to what extent she is shown, but she can guess by how many days have passed since her registration date.)

We have also introduced another change to viewing the profiles.

Male members will only be able to view profiles of ladies up to 1 class higher than their registered class.

This is a feature that has been implemented to relieve the ladies’ anxieties.

There were ladies who were worried that men who could not even make offers to them were still able to view their profiles and details. To deal with this, we have implemented this change so that only ladies up to a class above the men’s registered class are displayed. This is not limited by time, but rather a permanent change.

With profiles only up to one class higher being viewable, this means that it is necessary for the male member to decide if they would like to upgrade their membership, and view ladies of an even higher class.

In fact, there are men who said that they upgraded specifically to make an offer to a particular woman, so we have tried to display this information so far.

With the ladies in the 2 highest classes are no longer freely available for viewing to all members, the anxieties experienced by the ladies have thus been reduced.

Posted by on 14/1/2022