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Sugar dating in Singapore?

Sugar dating in Singapore?

What do Singaporeans think about sugar dating? A Singaporean point of view. 

From the dirty glances to the constant bombardment of request of pics, to the downright uncensored. Let me address some of our concerns!

What is actually sugar dating??

That is predominantly the question I get asked the most. I'm not traditional by any means but I'll say that in a nutshell, UC has positioned itself in a unique position. We are caught in between being an escort agency(WHICH WE ARE NOT) and a dating site. Singaporeans looking to join are very skeptical when it comes to the interview, usually asking "how much must I pay?" or "must I have a sexual relationship?".

Rest assured ladies, neither are required. Female members looking to join do not have to pay a subscription and they are not required to enter into any form of relationship they are not comfortable in.

Then how do we make money??

UC receives membership fees only from our esteemed gentlemen. These gentlemen are usually of high net worth and forking out the annual membership fees or setting fee would be akin to us(minions) buying a cup of kopi O.

So what are they looking for in sugar dating?

My opinion is that they are like any other guys out there, they have exhausted the wide range of dating apps available out there and are looking for a savior. In steps UC with our shiny cape (oozing with Black and Platinum Class privileges)! Sure, we can't guarantee that a relationship would spark after the date, but how many dating apps out there can say they have thoroughly screened and interviewed ALL of their members?

So what is Sugar dating you ask..

It's essentially a Gentleman willing to compensate a Lady for her time spent with him… and if you really think about it, isn't that what you have been doing on dating apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel, etc? (if that guy is acting like a gentleman when you guys meet up, of course) UC is basically a platform for the wealthy to get a date and hopefully build a relationship from there. Rather than scrolling through strangers and the occasional shady troll on online apps, why not try a concierge service that has actually met and can recommend ladies based on your preferences?

To the ladies:

What's the harm of joining another dating service? All information and pictures are kept P&C. Nothing is shown to the public and only our registered members are able to view your personal profile. I would like to add even your real name and contact are not revealed. Only you, the lady, have the power to reveal this information to the gentlemen. 

Worried about your safety? Fret not ALL first dates are only conducted in public areas, Restaurants, etc. 

Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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