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Feedback from a gentlemen member in Universe Club Singapore

Feedback from a gentlemen member in Universe Club Singapore

"Hello! I'm Sakura," said the lady who stepped out of the restaurant to shake my hand. I was taken aback by her gorgeous looks and sweet demeanor. Looks like this is going to be a good evening! As I took her hand and smiled…

Rewinding back a week or so, the genesis of this date could not have been simpler.

I had joined the Universe Club some months back and had been a regular user of their services. In the last few weeks, however, they have clearly stepped up their efforts in their Singapore branch and the female members now easily amount to more than 90 and growing. Recognizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the ladies run across a wide spectrum from nationalities, looks, and body sizes but a few constants remain. All profiles have clear untouched photos and a concise profile which gives the users a sense of their personality and their views towards sugaring. Not to mention if users have additional questions about the ladies, I have always found the website concierges to be very responsive and quick in answering any such queries.

A natural response I get when recommending universe club services to friends is… why?

Granted, its services are not cheap, especially when compared to seemingly other "similar" services. However, I would argue that its services are clearly unique and differentiated and considering things in totality, perfectly reasonable from a cost perspective especially for its target audience of well-heeled male members.

Let me elaborate in some depth.

Firstly, Universe Club interviews every female member on its site and so male members can be assured that each and every profile is legitimate.

Secondly, the concierges go above and beyond to ensure that every query is properly answered and that male members get the best chance of being matched with the right female member.

Thirdly, for busy executives such as myself where time is a premium and where we cannot partake in the dating game, the website allows male members to quickly and efficiently date ladies of their preference without hassle.

It's for all these reasons that I am convinced of the merits of using the Universe Club's services.

Back to my choice – I noticed a new profile of a beautiful Japanese lady working in Singapore in her early thirties. Reading her profile, it wasn't long before I got in touch with the concierge and viola, a date was set for next week. All that was needed was for me to choose a nice dinner venue and for easy online payment.

On to the present, after taking her hand and leading her to the restaurant table. We talked like old friends on a variety of topics. Because I knew from her profile online her likes and dislikes, it was easy as I shared many of her interests and we spoke candidly and the chemistry flowed, absolutely no awkwardness at all!

So. What happened after dinner? Stay tuned to this blog to find out… 

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