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What is your 2020 Resolution!

What is your 2020 Resolution!

10, 9, 8,7… will you be partying or chilling with your loved ones at home?  

At Universe Club, we finally have a well-deserved break. I'm personally hoping to have a posh dinner and party straight into 2020, the question though is where at? Dolce Vita, Level 33 or Zafferano? The entry ticket  of  these hotspots are upwards of $500.. *Checks wallet and cries in the corner*


I'm pretty sure there are parties much more exclusive than those I just mentioned above and I do envy the sugar babies in Singapore, they are invited to lavish parties by Gentlemen. The keyword here is "envy" though, it isn't that I can't afford such parties it's just that I don't want to spend $500 on a 3-hour party. Call me a cheapo and whatnot, having someone to splurge on makes me feels better! LOL  

Feminists out there must be raging right now #feminism. But I would love for someone to spoil and pamper me with the year I just had. If you are a Gentlemen reading this, please whip out your wallet and shower me with love, show me you are different from the average dudes out there. 


As I write this post I'm soooo craving for a martini right now, how I wish I was at VUE Bar and Grill at OUE Bayfront. (P.S  the Dry Rub and Whisky-aged USDA Prime black Angus is a must!) *drools on keyboards* Or maybe Sands Bar having a moonlit dinner and drinks. Where are all my loaded Gentlemen?! 😀


Any ragers to recommend? After stuffing my face with food, I love to let my hair down and party away. Time to take off my Jimmy Choos and down a carton of Don Julio shots. 1-Altitude, Ce la Vi, Marquee here I come! 


The sun is almost up! If you are still able to walk in a straight line, I must heavily recommend Haidilao Hot Pot @ Clark Quay. They are one of the few after-clubbing hotspots that are actually good.! Opening hours are till 6 am, perfect for chilling and allowing your spinning head to recuperate. 

All right peeps, thanks for taking the time out of your day for this 2mins read. Make your resolutions! Set a career target and all the best in your love/sugaring life!  Try out sugar dating if you haven't already… you never know when cupid might strike!
Ta ta and I will see you all in 2020!

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