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A date feedback from a gentleman member

A date feedback from a gentleman member

I had previously used Universe Club in Japan and was interested to know what kind of ladies was registered in Singapore once I heard they had opened a new branch there. Making an appointment with the utmost ease.


It was a relief that I was able to meet a bilingual concierge staff in the Singapore branch and talked in Japanese as I didn’t know English.

Without a clear vision of when I wanted to meet a lady and what type of ladies was registered in the Singapore branch, I was only half considering to sign up. However, after listening to the concierge staff introduce me to the ladies, I was able to imagine myself using Universe Club Singapore with the following situations:

  • – I’ll be able to have conversations about business with the ladies

  • – It might not be bad to learn English in my daily life with the ladies

  • – It’ll be fabulous to be able to go together with a lady with these talents to a restaurant

They had captured the characteristics that one would not be able to guess with just the looks of the ladies which abled me gradually find the answers to the questions the concierge staff was asking for to complete my path in using Universe Club Singapore.

Being alone in Singapore, Universe Club service was very attractive. Being able to provide me with a wide variety of ladies to have a meal with, making me able to cope with my loneliness as well as having a partner to talk about business without all the fuss of making bonds to firms which led me to register for membership.


And then came the 1st date

The preference I had for this date was that the lady had to know both Japanese and English fluently. After also mentioning my preferences for the looks and personality, I was given a recommendation that turned out just perfect.

Giving my schedule for when to commence my first date in Singapore, the concierge staff had contacted the lady and received a confirmation from the lady finalizing the date that was to happen in 3 days’ time.

The confirmation and finalization were happening in just a day!

The only regret I had at that point was that if I had known it would only take under a day to finalize a dinner date with a lady of my liking, and even on the same day of the registration, I would have registered into the Singapore branch much earlier.

This was my first time living away from Japan and it was a lonely road to walk on for half a year until I met with Universe Club Singapore. Thinking of the fuss that I had to go through in registering and the fact I had no English level what so ever, I had left joining Universe Club Singapore for half a year. However, I remember my feelings lighting up with the fact they were a service from Japan that made me feel secure and safe in registering.


The date

I had chosen a Japanese cuisine restaurant I often used, and made the meeting location right at the entrance of the restaurant. 

To tell you the truth, I was actually a bit late arriving due to traffic and informed the staff ahead. They in return informed the lady and I was able to meet the lady smoothly.

With me being late on the first date with the lady, making a very bad impression of me, I was thinking hard how to make up for it in the taxi to the restaurant that made me feel terrible. However, to my gladness, the concierge staff had talked and followed up well with the lady as there was not a ting of a bad mood with her when we met. The concierge staff moved like a secretary for me and was able to give me peace of mind by organizing anything to everything.

The lady I met that day had no difference at all to the photos I saw when she was recommended to me by the concierge staff, beautiful and with a radiant smiling face.

The lady was very easy to talk to and we both ended up having a great time together. She was very well educated with an impressive background and was following a good career. She was also a type of lady I wouldn’t be able to meet in my daily life and used the opportunity to ask her opinion about my work. 

I was able to gain a lot of fresh info with an opinion about my line of work from a different perspective. This experience made me realize there are a lot of ways to enjoy Universe Club apart from just dating the ladies of my choice. Having an opinion from her with experience studying business abroad as well as having an age difference, working in a different industry and without any business ties was like receiving a treasure. She was a really attractive lady, however, we had a good 3-hour that whizzed by talking about business as I was more interested in her opinion at the time.

You can tell she was very intelligent.

A lady understanding and providing attention to the finer details to a gentleman, considerate and having knowledge in a wide variety of subjects.

We also talked about travelling the world as well as hotels and resorts in Singapore apart from business.

The time spent with her had become a very productive experience for me, hearing and exchanging stories of Singapore and discovering new details despite me being here for a year.


And then we exchanged our contacts to meet up again before parting our ways for the day.


On a side note, we shared a taxi ride together heading to our homes and I was impressed and envious of her being able to talk to the taxi driver in fluent English. After experiencing this, I made up my mind to seriously start studying English the next day as to not waste my time living abroad.

It’s a very simple reason, but a very big step for me.


What I felt using Universe Club and after meeting with the lady were the following:


  • – The diversity of sugar dating clubs.

  • – The necessity of a concierge.


In this day and age, there are a wide range and uncountable tools available to meet up with a lady. The dating world is miscellaneous and is not so difficult to reach the goal of meeting a lady. However,  Universe Club has achieved a system of carefully classifying the registered females with looks and intensions.

Not so long ago, the photos in the ladies profile on dating apps used to show that they were genuine females looking for a date. However, with the increase of ladies using altered, photoshopped photos for their profiles in mobile apps has become a troublesome matter today. Universe Club only shows the untouched photos in the ladies profile pages providing a safe and trustworthy service. As the staff interview every lady in person with an organized information system, they are able to provide appropriate advice and an accurate service answering to one’s needs.

Formally, my thinking to sugar dating clubs was just an agency for meetups, however, I was very mistaken. There was an aptitude matchmaking provided from a concierge, a truly genuine mediator for meetups. I would like to thank them for providing me with a meetup and valuable time with the lady.

A truly worthwhile experience, more then I expected. I look forward to receiving the next recommendation! 

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