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After the dinner with Sakura… and then…

After the dinner with Sakura… and then…

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Dinner passed in a flash and all too soon we noticed that the restaurant was closing.

Wanting to spend even more time with her, I offered to send her home and she readily agreed. On the way back, we talked about the experience of being on the Universe club website and both of us echoed the sentiment that it's been a positive seamless process to date. From her perspective, she was impressed with the professionalism of the staff to date and the fact that they bothered to interview her, ensuring that only legitimate people were listed on the website. She only had one other date in addition to mine but she mentioned that we were both gentlemen (win for me!) and she would otherwise not had the opportunity to meet men of such calibre in her line of work and so she was grateful. Likewise, I echoed her sentiment that given my line of work it would be difficult to meet and interact with younger charming ladies such as herself if not for the Universe club.

A question I often get asked by my male friends who know I use this website is if intimacy is part of the deal. Let me categorically say that intimacy is absolutely not assured, like any normal relationship many factors come into play such as personality, charm and a host of other factors. While the website does make it transparent the views of individual ladies towards intimacy, at the end of the day it is on the onus of the individual to gauge and take the effort to win the ladies approval and heart. I genuinely find this refreshing and it's a chance for guys to polish up their "game" and put your best foot forward just like in the real world. All too soon, we reached her apartment and it was with a sad heart that we bade each other farewell with a hug and friendly kiss to the cheeks. But I did manage to get her contact number and you can be sure I will be scheduling a following on date with her! Thanks, Universe for another successful date.


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