The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club Singapore


Do you have any sugar mommy services?

Do you have any sugar mommy services?

TLDR: No, Universe Club does not offer any sugar mommy services. Please find the service you require elsewhere.

This is a very frequently asked question. 

In fact, we have sugar babies of the other gender ask us this question everyday.

'Hello! Thank you for your interest in Universe Club Singapore. May we ask you if you would be a male looking for a sugar baby? Or a female looking for a sugar daddy?'
'I am male'
'I want sugar mommy'
'Sorry, we do not provide such services…'

We regret to inform that although Universe Club is a sugar dating service, we only serve male sugar daddies and female sugar babies. 

We provide matching services for wealthy and successful male members of Universe Club and the amateur female sugar babies, whether it be in Singapore, Japan or Taiwan.

While we are very glad that the sugar dating scene in Singapore is picking up and many people (regardless of gender) are becoming more interested to be sugar daddies or sugar babies, we can only help the male sugar daddies and female sugar babies for now. 

Posted by on 26/2/2020