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Dating types? What’s that?

Dating types? What’s that?

When sugar babies come for their Universe Club interview, they will be required to choose a dating type.

Here at Universe Group, with our past 8 years of experience in Japan, we have derived 5 different dating types for the soon-to-be sugar babies.

So what are they? You may have a look at our dating types before you come for our interview. This may clear some of your doubts on how far you would like to go with your sugar daddy and what kind of sugar dating relationship will be formed.


TYPE A【Dinner Date Only】🍽🍷🥂

Mostly looking to go on a meal date or for light drinks. Not looking for any intimacy.

TYPE B【After 2 or 3 dates】⏳⏳⏳

From the 2nd date, if the feelings are mutual, it may turn into an intimate relationship.

TYPE C【Depends on chemistry】👫💃🕺

From the 1st date, if the feeling is mutual, it may turn into an intimate relationship on the day of the date.

TYPE D【Highly Motivated】💳💎

From the 1st date, if you are a real Sugar daddy(warm and nice) on the date, it may turn into an intimate relationship.

TYPE E【No Transportation Fee】

I do not need any transportation fee since I want to concentrate on the chance of meeting with a nice Sugar daddy.


For Type E, the sugar daddy need not give the sugar baby any transportation fee, but he can still choose to do so, of course. (because you are a gentleman!)


All sugar babies will be required to choose ONE dating type. It would be best if you chose the dating type you are the most comfortable.

A failure to adhere to the declared dating type will result in negative feedback and make everyone unhappy, so let's refrain from that!


This dating type will be shown on her profile on our exclusive members-only log-in based website. The dating type will be an essential factor for sugar daddies looking for their potential sugar babies, so please choose it after thinking it through and carefully reading the different requirements if you would like to have a successful sugar dating relationship.

Of course, you can change the dating type at any point in time. The sugar baby will be able to do that by editing her profile, but do remember to update us on the status change!

In the future, I will also be sharing on how to keep your profile on UC member's page up-to-date & super relevant! This will hopefully help our sugar babies see how our system works, which is considerably different from an app. 💁‍♀



Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore

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