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Is the Universe club 100% safe?

Is the Universe club 100% safe?

To put it bluntly, Universe Club is not 100% safe.

Why is it not safe?

First, we need to set the boundaries of what would make a date safe.
A safe date would be:

A. You have some certain background information of that person.

B. You would be meeting the person in a familiar location where you can access or leave quickly.

C. Knowing beforehand what activities you are doing on the date.

With the above conditions for a safe date, let us compare it to Universe Club's concierge service.

A. We will provide details of the partners to our members before finalising any dates. However, personal information, such as phone numbers, real names and address, will not be disclosed.

B. The date venue will be of the sugar daddies choice. However, it will be at a restaurant with the date always being a dinner date. No acceptions. Since the location will be in a public venue, therefore, the sugar babies need not be feared of being abducted.

C. The initial date will be a dinner date. Why does it have to be a dinner date? Because you would need time to get to know your sugar partner and the best method to know each other would be over dinner.

Oh, you just wanted to have sex?

We're very sorry; please use an escort service.

The result of meeting somebody in Universe Club might lead to a sexual relationship.

However, it is certainly not mandatory for a lady to have sex with a gentlemen member.

Did I hear somebody saying "what's the point of using our service?"
The point of using our sugar dating service is about enjoying time with a partner you would not be able to meet in normal circumstances. But let me explain that another time.

Meeting your sugar dating partner on a dating app with just trading text messages for days on end and modified photos can be challenging compared to a sugar dating service with a concierge.
The Universe Club concierge staff will interview every single member before that person is registered and even schedule the dinner date for you.

Background checks are a standard procedure to all our members in the interviews an introductory meeting; however, it cannot be 100% accurate due to the lack of resources and information that is open to us. This circumstance is the same for both sugar daddies and sugar baby candidates.
Nevertheless, being introduced to a member that has been, at some degree, received a background check is a more comfortable means of meeting your sugar dating partner then meeting somebody off from a dating app.

There is still the fact that you can not do your background research of your sugar partner beforehand. Thus you would need to trust our concierge staff.

But comparing Universe Club to an online service would surely show it would be far safer and less time-consuming.

Disagree? Then let us know what you would like to know more about our service before you seal that thought, and maybe you might change your mind. Or not, but still, there is no harm in asking us? Just saying^^


Ishida Katutaka

Universe Club International Marketer

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