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Everything You Ever Need To Sugar Dating for Gents! (SD Edition)

Everything You Ever Need To Sugar Dating for Gents! (SD Edition)

We have received many membership requests from potential Sugar Daddies ever since the official opening of Universe Club Singapore branch back in November 2019. 


Yes, the potential Male members may be wealthy and successful, but an essential factor of winning the heart of our Sugar Babies here in Universe Club will be how the Sugar daddy acts and carries himself during the date.

That's right; being a true gentleman who knows how to treat a lady properly is very crucial, even for a sugar dating relationship!

After all, it is a relationship nonetheless, and both parties would have to act appropriately for the relationship to continue long term. If not, it is not uncommon for the Sugar Babies to politely reject your offers to meet a second time.

The concierge of Universe Club will only be able to help the Sugar Daddies to schedule the first dinner/lunch date with the Sugar Baby as we can no longer interfere with the sugar dating relationship once the two parties meet up.

As a dating club who has been serving sugar daddies and sugar babies for over eight years in Japan (just a few months in Singapore!), we always like to hear feedback from the dates.


👫🥂💎Here are some tips and pointers for a successful sugar dating relationship!👫🥂💎

👉①Break the ice!

Two strangers are meeting for the first time. Although they both know what they are here for – to enter a sugar dating relationship – it is vital to get a bit more comfortable with each other before proceeding further.

Introduce yourself and try to find common topics of interest between you and the sugar baby. Surely you have chosen to meet her for a variety of factors – be it her hobbies, her registration motive or simply her looks.

heartFeedback from dates: Always keep the first date casual and relaxed, do not come on too strong as you don’t want to scare her off before she even gets to know you!

👉②Make her feel respected!

Yes, the lady has joined the club to become a sugar baby. However, as we provide sugar dating and NOT escort services, our sugar daddies should not be expecting to have an intimate relationship with our sugar babies immediately, just because she had agreed to meet you.

heartFeedback from ladies: Boys think they are entitled to my body because he has xxx sum of money. 

Depending on the sugar babies dating type, she may only be comfortable to enter a more intimate relationship with the sugar daddy from the second or third date onwards. Please respect her decision and understand that it may take time or chemistry for a sugar dating relationship to successfully work out, especially if it is a long-term one.

Please refrain from treating the sugar babies as escorts! Our concierge will be explaining and emphasizing on this point during the introductory meeting with the potential members.

We will be introducing more on the different dating types of Universe Club in another blog post.

👉③When you only talk about sex sex SEX!

This is the biggest turn off for not just for sugar babies but ALL ladies in the World. Ladies want to feel respected and appreciated by you, this might sound straight forward, but many guys don’t get it. Ladies are expecting "boys" on first dates to ask them for sex, show her that you are different. Surprising her by being a "gentleman" and having a genuine interest in her life separates you immediately from the boys in her life. 

heartPro Tip: Let her take the lead when it comes to this. If she says “No” once, asking three more times will not turn it into a “Yes”. It just makes you look like a creep.  Respect her decision, and you will be surprised at the outcome. 

👉④Be generous!

This is Sugar Dating after all! Pamper and spoil the ladies. You are not required to have a ridiculous annual income or net worth to Sugar date, but generosity always goes a long way. 

heartFeedback from Ladies: They are drawn to Sugar daddies that are generous, not their wallets. There is no point earning 1 million a year when you are calculative and stingy. 



Jack Tan/ Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore

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