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4 Hottest Tips for a Sugar dating relationship! (SB Edition)

4 Hottest Tips for a Sugar dating relationship! (SB Edition)

So you just secured your first date but have no idea what to expect out of Sugar Dating in Singapore? Not to worry! We do have some tips to help you in keeping a sugar dating relationship going!

We do have many ladies applying to Universe Club but many do not have the experience or knowledge about sugar dating. 
Essentially it’s similar to dating, you have a CHOICE when it comes to a relationship. However, the caveat here is the “Sugar”. You can expect to be pampered with lavish gifts and experiences!

Attracting and meeting your Sugar Daddy is only step 1, keeping him interested is a whole new ball game! Here are some Dos and Donts based on date feedbacks. 



👉① Always keep an open mind! 

This isn’t Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel! We are not here to find a FBuddy or a husband but instead a Sugar Daddy! (After 8 years in Japan, I do believe only 2 relationships have resulted in marriage) Sugar dating relationship usually lasts a few months to a year. 

broken heartDONTS: Decide on the first date that he might not be suitable, give your frozen heart some time, go on a few casual dates. You might find out something about him that you missed on the first date! (We know how awkward we all are on first dates 🤭)

heartDO: Suggest an activity on the 2nd or 3rd date, and you will get to see another side of him before you make a rash decision!


👉② Damsel in distress

Yes, we know you are an independent woman that doesn’t need a man to support her in her life and we at Universe Club respect that of you. However, it won’t hurt to ask for help once in a while, eg. “Babe, I need help with that ketchup bottle” when we all know you are more than capable to open it yourself LOL

heartPro tip: Every Man wants to feel needed too. Stroke his ego and ask for help! Leave your career and power at the office, give him a chance to ride on his white knight to rescue you! 

👉③ Financially motivations

This is sugar dating after all, upon signing up we have already informed the gentlemen that there is a financial aspect to dating in Universe Club. Do not hesitate to be straight forward and ask for financial help or allowance. 

broken heartDONTS: Ask for too much too early in the relationship, many ladies have made this mistake in the past. (once they know the Sugar Daddy can afford it they try to milk him as much as possible) Ladies, he is not a cow and this comes across as you are ONLY interested in his wallet, huge Turn Off to Men. Leading him to move on to other Sugar Babies. 

heartDO: Be genuinely interested in his life. Generally speaking, these Sugar Daddies might not be getting enough attention in their lives. 
However, please do not be shy to ask for financial help or allowance though, Gifts are always a great start!

👉④ Breaking the touch Barrier!

Universe Club is not encouraging anyone to engage in Extreme PDA during dates. But keep him interested with slight touches. 
heartEg. If you are wearing heels, hold his arm while walking down the stairs or on any slippery surfaces. Give him an opportunity to be a Gentlemen! Playful jokes also work well as it reduces the tensions on first dates. 


All these little things add up to keep him interested and a successful sugar dating relationship! 

Finally, please remember that you always have the right to say NO to any requests you are not ready for. And here at Universe Club we inform our Sugar Daddies accordingly too!

Jack Tan 

Universe Club Singapore

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