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What do Sugar Babies want for compensation?

What do Sugar Babies want for compensation?

Let's get down to the point. What do the girls, ladies the sugar babies in the sugar dating world want to have?

Thinking girls are about money? Yep, most girls and ladies are looking to fulfill a dream that they can be pampered with money as they have seen on screen in some drama or movie.

Some will be looking for connections to people to exceed in their dream goals. But to be honest, most are about money. But they don't just want to be just given hard cash straight out of your pocket. 

They would want it to be given in a manner that will not make them feel like a cheap escort girl. 


Take time in preparing the money into an envelope 

It's always not a good sight to put hard cash on the dining table unless you're a dealer of some sort in a privately owned restaurant. 

Take the time to prepare the money in a hotel envelope from your room, or hide it in a bouquet, but don't forget to let her know its there!


Pass them the envelope when there is little to no people around 

If you have the money prepared in an envelope, pass it to her where there are no people around. Don't pull her aside into a dark ally way as that will creep the hell out of her! Preferably in a taxi taking her home or to the station would be the best time to pass her allowance.


Talk about the amount in codes, or discreetly so to give it a bit of style.

"Here's your 100, and another 1000 for the night". If I was sitting at a table beside yours, I would imagine you're with a hooker or dealing with drugs! 

No, you wouldn't want to be like that to the ladies. Have respect for her and be a gentleman. "Here's a present for you, with my feelings on top of it". Yeah, it sounds cheesy and I bet most of you gentlemen will be able to think of a better phrase than this. But it will at least make the lady not feel awkward or offended.


If she asks you for more, don't make a big fuss about it

Be a gentleman and either do as she asks or refuse politely. Most of the time the lady asks you more is that she might think your just a one-timer. Then, all you have to do is convince her that you would like to meet her more and that you would compensate her time with you. Hard? or thinking of not seeing her again? Then be honest, but politely. Don't tell her straight in the face, "That's way too much" or "I don't want to meet you again". She is not your friend or some lady you met in the pub. She is a lady that has already given you respect during the dinner in being your elegant partner for you. Be a gentleman.


What if I don't have it?

We advise you have a little present for the lady, whether its a box of Godiva chocolate, a piece of jewelry or a small bouquet (Not a big one with 100 roses, you're not getting married to her! at least not on your first date)

If you have a little something for her, you have at least opened a side door in case you do not have the amount that she asking. The lady will become a bit open for you. So, when you need to withdraw an amount, she will understand and give you time.


What if she wants something else?

Excellent! you have now taken her mind off money. Either you were an excellent gentleman towards her and that she is able to feel she can bond with you other than money, or she is truly in love with you, which becomes a totally different tricky story.

Of course, you will not have the "thing" she wants, so here's your chance to ask her out again to go and buy it together and open a new door to events you can do with her on that day!


Do I need to give them what they want?

No, you do not. But would that turn her off? maybe. But do you have an alternative present? You might, and like above, you are able to open a different door of hers and continue your quest with her.

The above is common sense. I know. But it is a common sense that many forget or are too lazy to follow and we end up getting complaints from the ladies after the date. But never the less, it is a straight forward way and the easiest way to gain the heart of the sugar baby.

To make a long story short, be a gentleman out there on your date and you will not miss out on an opportunity to make a successful sugar dating partner.  

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