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The Diary of Riene: 1/12/2021

How quickly time flies! It's already December... What a year this has been! I remember that at the start of the year, I believed we could travel more freely than we do now, and that I could even be planning a trip to Japan by now - some...

Posted by singapore on 1/12/2021

The Diary of Riene: 28/11/2021

Happy Sunday everyone, how is everyone doing? For the record, while I'm doing even better than yesterday, the cough is still, annoyingly, here. So it's been a bit of a challenge talking more than I have in the past few days, haha! ...

Posted by singapore on 28/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 27/11/2021

Another week has flown by again, hasn't it? Well, I swear it's not because I'm too lazy to update or anything like that! Actually, I was down with a cold the past few days, necessitating a few days of MC... It was horrible, lol. ...

Posted by singapore on 27/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 21/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 21/11/2021

It's been a week again...! Sorry it's been so long, but I actually had a bit of a longer break than usual! I've sure needed the rest, as it's been really busy... Anyway, I'd actually love to make a recommendation this ti...

Posted by singapore on 21/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 13/11/2021

Happy Saturday everyone! How's everyone doing? We've got some pretty exciting things coming up for the International branch! If you remember, a few months ago we arranged a date in Hawaii. I wasn't able to go along as a support ...

Posted by singapore on 13/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 7/11/2021

How has everyone's weekend been going? I hope it's been great so far, and that you have all rested and relaxed to your hearts' content! Perhaps many have also managed to enjoy a long weekend from Thursday~ I had the opportu...

Posted by singapore on 7/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 5/11/2021

TGIF! I hope that everyone's been doing well and had a good week! Of course, for all those who are familiar with my schedule, I'll still be working hard over the weekend~ I've had a couple of very restful days off (though some m...

Posted by singapore on 5/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 1/11/2021

Happy November! Time has passed incredibly fast, hasn't it? 2021 is nearly coming to an end, and 2022 is coming up in just 2 months. In some ways, it feels like we haven't really moved on that much from 2020, what with the pandemic,...

Posted by singapore on 1/11/2021

The Diary of Riene: 31/10/2021

Happy Halloween! Though not exactly a classic holiday for most of us in Singapore, it's still quite a fun and festive day to enjoy, isn't it? And it remains a fun excuse to dress up and have fun, even in times like this~ We...

Posted by singapore on 31/10/2021

The Diary of Riene – 25/10/2021

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, though it's Monday, I hope that everybody will have a good week ahead of them! It's almost the end of October, and with that - nearly the end of 2021! We've gone through a lot of ups and downs in...

Posted by singapore on 25/10/2021

The Diary of Riene – 14/10/2021

Hi everyone! Apologies that it's been quite a while since I last updated here... It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks! Anyway, we're already two weeks into October! How has everyone been doing? Despite the recent surge in ca...

Posted by singapore on 14/10/2021

The Diary of Riene – 29/9/2021

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you've all been staying safe and doing well. It's a bit frustrating that we're back down to a 2 pax maximum for dining, isn't it? I've scrambled to change plans with friends and family, ...

Posted by singapore on 29/9/2021