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What is a Dating Club?

The trend in Tokyo is Universe Club, an exclusive membership-based “Sugar dating club” that allows wealthy gentlemen to find ladies who want to have a sugar dating relationship.

Both the gentlemen and ladies will meet our staff and be explained the rules and manners before they can become members of our exclusive club.

The gentlemen's face and real name will not be disclosed at all. Please rest assured that your privacy will be protected by our "Personal information protectors".

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Universe Club

New Female Members

No redundent exchanges, saving you time and money

I started with a normal dating app and wanted to meet decent women to have some nice experiences on there.
However, I had to exchange messages with the ladies frequently and even gave away my messenger ID, but it turned out that almost all of they have an attitude and kept ghosting me.
Plus, their profile can have fake and deceiving details.

Even though I was trying to enrich my life by meeting with these ladies, I ended up wasting my time.
I've even gone home right away because the female I met looked different from her photos, lol.
I don't even remember how much time I've spent to on that app to finally find a decent lady.
Universe Club takes video's of the female members and they write down details about the female members they had noticed during the interview.
I can even give them a call and ask the concerige about the ladies directly which is very helpful.

A male member's thoughts who has been using our service for 2 years

Hitting a lady at a bar might seem romantic and a good technic to get a partner. However, some variables would make the whole encounter time consuming, and in most cases costly and might be worthless making the whole process risky.
Our service will provide you with an efficient and time-saving sugar dating experience. Time is of the essence and we strive in providing the best quality in our service.

You can make date offers from your account on the member's site at any time of the day!
Let our concierge handle the troublesome work for you!

More benefits for members

Make date offers from your member page at any time of the day!

Make date offers from your member page at any time of the day!

Our concierge staff will schedule your date with the lady according to your preferred date and time. Just send your request and wait.
You will be able to spend your time efficiently with the ladies without fussing over the details.

More topics to talk about amongst friends

More topics to talk about amongst friends

Some male members share fun stories about their arrangements with friends and co-workers.
Why don't you register with your friends or colleagues! It might turn out to be fun!



Some of our male members use our service to learn how to treat ladies better, with respect and class.

The joy and fun of being a mentor to young ladies

The joy and fun of being a mentor to young ladies

Universe Club is not a brothel or an escort service.
Most of our female members are amateurs who are new to sugar dating, looking to expand their connections besides enjoying fine wine and dining.
Mentor them to your liking.
Some male members even became business partners with their Sugar baby.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, we have "Personal Information Protection Officers" who are experts in this field and they hold privacy protection licenses.

Use a Clubname with us and the girls

Use a "Clubname" with us and the girls

When you make a date request to our female members, we will only tell them your clubname, age, and your general occupation.
We will not be discloising your sensitive personal information to any members of our club.

We will make sure that you don't get in any trouble.

We will make sure that you don't get in any trouble.

Most of our concierge staff are also qualified as personal information protectors. We have increased awareness of personal information by re-examining even in the smallest details for the utmost protection of your personal information.

Industry-leading security system

Industry-leading security system

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL’s certificate of authority for third-party organizations has been issued to us. Your personal information does not only include your name, password or credit card number but also 'cookies' when you are viewing a normal website as well.
Your browsing history and login information will also fall into the personal information category.
SSL prevents all of these from getting leaked.

Countermeasures are in place for receipts and billing names

Countermeasures are in place for receipts and billing names

We will not be using the "Universe Club" name on your invoice.

Steps for requesting Dates

Voices from our Customers

Dentist in his 40s

"I enjoyed my business trip to Fukuoka thanks to Universe Club"

She was a wonderful lady.
We had an intelligent conversation and I would really like to have a long-term relationship with her.
But, there is a detail that I want to feedback to Universe Club.
Although the staff categorized her as Standard Class, I think she is worth much more than that, especially after meeting her in person! You guys should categorize her to Gold Class and give her rating 1 more star.
I like using Universe Club, so I would like to give feedback and be straightfoward to you guys so the service can be even better.

A Doctor in his 50s

She is too use to going on Sugar dating relationships for her age... It was nice that things went smoothly, but a bit disappointing that she was soo used to it...

I'd like to see more genuine expressions and have sincere conversations, but that's just my own opinion.
However, I was convinced that the information was implied by phone.
After all, at the time of the request, it was very important to have the live information through a phone call that only the concierges knew.
I would like to ask you to continue to provide quality information for users.

A Company executive in his 40s

"This is why the concierge service is so fun to use"

Used the concierge service for the third time after upgrading to Black Class in last month's campaign.
This is pretty fun!
When I told my concierge about my preferences, I received a good recommendation from him. I was very satisfied with our compatibility on my date.
Thank you to Nagura, my concierge!

At last···
As a young boy, you might have felt an exciting imagination towards the adult world that somehow seemed so lustrous, with so myraid of things still unknown to the young.

In reality, when you become an adult, it's all about work, work, work.
Even the supposed fun at night seemed dull. You're so numb, you are far from having a crush on anyone.

In search of injecting some stream of stimulation into this monotonous life, you look to the abundant dating club services. Even after you receive a match with a lady, you might end up wasting your time and money with the meaningless, ambiguous banter.

I don't want you to regret as you only have one chance in life.
I know that painful feeling when you failed to do something rather than failing at doing it - as Wayne Gretzky famously remarked, 'You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.'
I want you to use an efficient, non time-consuming dating service.

Not to mention, the membership registered at one branch will enable you to use all our branches in Japan and overseas.
A preview of the ladies will also be provided to you at the complimentary introductory meeting.
If you think it is subpar, you can decline to become a member immediately. Please feel free to visit us for the introductory meeting.

Meet amateurs instantly from all over the world and enjoy a long-term sugar dating relationship if you'd like.
Receive the pleasant stimulation in your life from Universe Club.

Universe Club RepresentativeSatoshi Kida


Warnings towards criminal acts

There are rules to follow even in adult activities. This section contains not only the legal aspects, but also the information needed to keep yourself safe and secure.

More details

4 Classes and The Price

Class Monthly fee Annual fee / Renewal (2nd year ~) Setting fee
Standard x $600.00 / $250.00 $250.00
Gold $300.00 $1,000.00 / $350.00 $350.00
Platinum x $2,000.00 / $1,050.00 $600.00
Black $500.00 $4,000.00 / $2,050.00 $1,200.00

*We will no longer be offering STANDARD and PLATINUM monthly memberships 1/10/2023 and thereafter.

Universe Club sets a price that strikes the right balance between quality and value.

Concierge service

Service details Standard Gold Platinum Black
Send system offer requests from the members website
Create your profile
View private photos
View high-resolution video clips
View female calendars for available schedules
Attendance to events (Priority with Black class memberships) *1
Consultation through email (Not including female details)
On-the-day date requests
Private dining party requests
Consultation through phone calls (Including female details)
In person consultation (Including female details) *2
Dedicated appointed staff for your date offer settings
Exclusive previews of the newest profiles
Viewable class ladies Up to Gold class Up to Platinum class All classes All classes
Timing of viewable newly registered ladies After 6 days After 4 days After 2 days Same day
Access to secret female profiles

*1 Events are canceled until further notice

*2 In person consultation will be with our concierge staff. Two consultation appointments can be made free of charge. Subsequent appointments will be SGD 50 per session.


Membership screening is strictly conducted by the Universe Club from the standpoint of maintaining club order and quality.
To continue to be “a club where you can enjoy meeting people with verified identity and peace of mind,” we have adopted an exclusive membership-based system.

  • Those who are unkempt, who do not understand or are unable to follow the club rules, who appear intimidating will not be able to join. In addition, if we determine that you are unsuitable according to feedbacks from the ladies, you may be forcibly withdrawn from the club even after joining.
Notes for maintaining high qualityNotes for maintaining high quality

Universe Club is not a brothel or an escort service.
We try our best to help you get the perfect match, but female members are allowed to decline your offer and you cannot force them to be submissive.

Contacts for our instant message accounts

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