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What's Sugar Dating?

Sugar dating is when a lady is looking for a wealthy gentleman that will be able to support her financially, in essence, it is simlar to when a lady is taken out during or after her shift from a pub or a club that she works in , and be treated dinner or drinks elsewhere with financial compensation for her companion.

The name of the lady who goes on sugar dates is called a “sugar baby”. The form and place when a lady receiving financial support from a wealthy man in return to date a registered lady was called a dating-club. The term dating-club was created by the social image from Japan's largest sugar dating organization "Universe group". Sugar dating is different from regular compensated dates, as regular compensated dates do not require the gentlemen to be wealthy and mostly, if not, always involves sexual activities. Although it is common to earn money for an exchange for time, some ladies might feel it be a prostitution act as a large amount of money is received separately to the companionship fee

Is it realy possible to have
sugar dates in Singapore?

  • Is it ok to have Sugar Dates in Singapore?

    Yes, it is perfectly ok! Sugar dating refers to socially successful gentlemen helping ladies by giving them knowledge or financial support to make their dreams come true.

    One of the characteristics of men who meet sugar babies is that they are not some standard class businessmen. The common feature is that they are rich and wealthy enough to sustain a sugar dating relationship.

  • Singapore has the 2nd largest population of ultra-rich people

    It is a country located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and has economically grown to one of the wealthy countries in the past 10 years.

    Singapore has put a considerable amount of strength and effort into policies attracting wealthy people. As such, one in six people is said to be a millionaire.

    We also have gentlemen members from from America and from the Europe area as well.

  • Are there any organizations, companies, or corporations that support Sugar Dating in Singapore?

    Singapore does have organizations that support sugar dating. As sugar dating is different from just searching for love partners and sex friends, you would need to rely on an exclusive network to find a real validated sugar daddy.

    There are some unique services and mobile applications available as well.
    There are large organizations, not specifically for Singapore, that help sugar dating and also matchmaking sites as well in Singapore for sugar dating.

  • What are the features of a Singaporean man?

    In addition to being gentle and generous at heart, a Singaporean gentleman is also well versed in multiple languages. Having a geographical location advantage and also with various connections to other countries, Singapore is a place with a lot of people that come from abroad.
    With a belief that possessing too much clothing is unreasonable, Singaporean people will take care and cherish clothes that suit and feel comfortable to them for many years.

    Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, English being the official language for educational scenes and general office work, but you will hear Chinese, Tamil, and Malay as they are also common languages as well.
    It is not actually uncommon for an average person to speak multiple languages in his or her daily life. As a fact, more than 60% speak more than 2 languages.

    They escort ladies smoothly without any awkwardness during a date. They also tend to express feelings freely and not keep it bottled inside.

How to go on a dateA easy and simple 5 step guide

Apply for an interview

Please apply from the registration form below.
Feel free to also ask for a video interview as well.

The interview

We will do a photoshoot during the interview for your profile page. Your profile will be made from the information provided by a hearing in the interview.
You will be able to receive your registration information within a week.

Receiving a dinner date offer

Offers come accordingly to the gentlemen's preferences. There are features in your profile page that you can change to attract the gentlemen.

The day before the date

Once your date has been scheduled, please take care not to get sick and be able to go to the date as scheduled. We will also re-confirm the date on the day before as well.

On the day of your date

Always arrive at the meeting spot ahead of time to check your appearance for the date.
Contact the gentleman 5 minutes beforehand for a smooth meet-up and enjoy your date once you meet him.

Feedback from successful
Singapore female members

  • AIRI

    • 【Looks】★★★★★: Did he have a clean image?
    • 【Contents】★★★★☆: Did you enjoy the date?
    • 【personality】★★★★☆: How was his character and personality?
    • 【Manner】★★★★☆: Was he unmannered such as being late?
    • 【Overall】★★★★★: Overall, how was the date?

    【Notes, Impressions】
    I was able to enjoy the date fully with a great meal and lots of talk.

  • MIKA

    • 【Looks】★★★★★: Did he have a clean image?
    • 【Contents】★★★★★: Did you enjoy the date?
    • 【personality】★★★★★: How was his character and personality?
    • 【Manner】★★★★★: Was he unmannered such as being late?
    • 【Overall】★★★★★: Overall, how was the date?

    【Notes, Impressions】
    I met the gentleman in Singapore. He was a real gentleman and I had a great time. The talk about business was very fun, and I also got a good hint about my future business plans. I would like very much to meet him again.

  • Lilly

    • 【Looks】★★★★☆: Did he have a clean image?
    • 【Contents】★★★★★: Did you enjoy the date?
    • 【personality】★★★★☆: How was his character and personality?
    • 【Manner】★★★★☆: Was he unmannered such as being late?
    • 【Overall】★★★★★: Overall, how was the date?

    【Notes, Impressions】
    Honestly really quite impressed by the “match” as this gentleman ticked all the boxes— tall, well-travelled, humorous, many interesting stories to share, even having a deep voice. It looks like Universe Club really takes into consideration my preferences! He is well-mannered. Dinner was an enjoyable experience with great food and company.

What is Universe Group?

What are the benefits of registering in Universe Group?

What are the disadvantages of
registering with Universe Group?

  • Not all ladies can signup and join

    If the club deems you are "A lady without the high-level personality",
    “A lady that might cause trouble when meeting gentlemen”,
    we will not accept your application to enter.
    If you are dropped in the interview, you will not be able to use the club.

  • Even in a luxury club, there are always cheap men

    Please do not think that rich people are laid back with money. Some people who handle large amounts of money are very stingy.
    Sometimes you might be taken to a bar that you would usually go with a friend. Still, it may be the fate of a sugar baby to keep her face straight in these situations. Not everyone a big spender even if they are rich.
    In Universe Club, male members are required to give $100 to the ladies regardless of where he takes her to dine.

  • Will be asked for a physical relationship.

    Even though you can choose, your partner is a man.You should always think that he will ask for a physical relationship.

    Many gentlemen will wonder where the relationship will head to as they are paying an expensive membership and introduction fees and will always think of the return for that payment. Of course, some gentlemen will just want a partner for a meal.

  • It is difficult to receive an offer from gentlemen as more than 800 ladies register for membership every month

    In Japan, more than 800 women come to register every month. There are only a handful of offers from the male members. However, your chances of meeting a wealthy gentleman will still go up if you do register.

  • Regarding married and non-married

    Married men and women are also accepted in our club.
    If a member gets acquainted through the club, becomes afflicted, and divorces due to this, the partner may be subject to a claim for compensation as a legal violation of chastity.

    Clubs may publish information on whether or not they are married for those who want to avoid that risk. Furthermore, this club does not recommend affairs. The details of the relationship are left to the two parties to decide,
    and the details of the dating are not limited to physical relationships.

What is the difference between dating apps?

Our privacy policyThe handling of sensitive personal information

  • Why you need an ID for the interview

    A copy of your ID will always be taken when you register.
    We operate based on Japanese laws where the operating body of the company is based. You can not register with a false age. You can not even register even if you are 18 years old but still a high school student as well.

  • A site that only allows access to members with full membership

    If you register, your personal information will not be posted on an open website. The website with your profile page will only be accessible by members. As we also interview the gentlemen, only the verified members will be able to view your profile.

  • Would I get exposed? Won't my personal information get leaked?

    Do not worry. The staff of Universe Group are all qualified and certified personal information protectors. We will protect your personal information.

  • Can I cancel my membership immediately?

    Yes, you can. Please inform the staff about your membership withdrawal. We will correspond accordingly.
    Your profile will be stored for a limited time on our data banks, however, will be taken down from the member's website. This is to prevent any damages due to operation mistakes or to be used for investigations if an illegal act is committed. Your information will not be used after your membership has been withdrawn.
    Your name, contact, and date setting records will also be stored to prevent any confusion to our services.

About the interviewWhat actually happens in the interview?

Let's solve any doubts before you decide to register

  • Why we require an interview in person?

    The first step the gentlemen will take in making an offer is choosing the lady.
    For the gentlemen to choose a lady, he will require details that are not falsified with photos.
    We will make sure you will be able to receive offers as much as possible by bringing out the best in you on your profile page.

  • What kind of staff will do my interview?

    We have local staff who lives in Singapore to meet you for your interview.

    We will also be able to accommodate ladies that prefer the interview in Japanese or Chinese as well.

  • Is it ok that I'm fat?

    It's not a problem if you are fat and think you are not a good looking lady.
    Everybody has their complexes and we have plenty of members that feel the same way. First, you should try to apply.

    Our various members have various requests that perhaps might be the same as yours. Do not miss your chance by not trying. We will back you up all the way along.

  • Do I have to be cute?

    The gentlemen have a wide variety of tastes, so do not worry.
    However, it is a fact that the chances will greatly differ when you try to improve yourself regardless of your type. The gentlemen will be the ones who decide who is cute.

    Only a handful of ladies feel confident about themselves.
    However, the gentlemen will not only be looking on the outside but also the personality faction as well. Even if you are cute and receive an offer for a date but your personality is ugly, your relationship will not last long. We think that you will be best suited for sugar dating if you have the buoyancy to the gentlemen, even if you do not feel that you are not cute or pretty.

  • How old do I need to be to use the service?

    We only accept girls who are over 18 and we, unfortunately, do not accept girls who are in high school or underage.

    However, we do also accept girls who are from 40 and above as well as there is some gentleman who do like older women. So please do not worry about your age.

  • What if I have children? Can I still sign up?

    There are actually a lot of girls who are single mothers that join our club.For instance, you can just go on lunch or dinner dates only as well and still have no obligations!

  • Is it OK if I have another job?

    Of course! Please consider our service as like joining a club with out any obligations at all. As this is not a employment, you do not have to worry about not being able to work else where with restriction of double employments. Think of it as a hobby to make extra cash or to meet with gentleman you normally can`t meet.

    When meeting the gentleman, please to not give him the impression of you working for us like a ob.

  • Do I need a Visa to sign up?

    As this will not be a job, there is no requirement for Visa`s.
    Please do not worry if you do not have any working Visa we are a club that anyonye can be eligible to sign up.

  • Is it possible to do to a interview with my friend?

    Yes! That will not be a problem at all!
    Currently, the sugar dating scene is growing and there are alot of girls who bring their friends with them to sign up together as well!

    If you are scared to come to the interview by yourself, please bring a friend with you and we can do both your interviews at the same time if you wish!

  • Do I need to show my Identification at the interview?

    The reason for this is to verify that you are of legal age and if your actually the person who you say your are.

  • Is there a possibility that I may not pass the interview?

    As Sugar dating is a current trend and we have alot of girls that come for a interview, there are some type of girls that do not fit the club`s policies. Dating clubs are for girls who are looking for a long term mistress relationship.
    If you do not have the passion and desire for that, there maybe cases where your screening does not go through.

  • Does it cost any money to sign up?

    There are no fees for joining. Photo shoots, sigining up and canceling your membrship is all free of charge.
    As we mentioned before, our service is made to help our female members.

  • Is there any tips in sugar dating? What kind of things can I expect?

    Its important to think in the gentlemans shoes as well. If you want to be treated well, you need to treat your partner the same way. Being on time is a definate, but things like being polite and thanking the gentleman and listening to what he is actually saying, these simple things may change the way you earn how much you get from the gentleman.

  • Is there really no criminal organizations related members?

    Yes, there is no criminal organizations that are members. There is no violent or abusive members as well.

    We check there identification thoroughly and make our members sign a written agreement as well. There is no worries in regards to this.

Lets get rid of your fears for
when you are on dates.

  • In order to check your chemistry with each other, you will be going on lunch and dinner dates.

    As a rule in Universe Club, We have our members meet each other for lunch, dinner or for cafe meet ups in order to feel your chemistry.
    This is a rule for both the gentlemen and the ladies, so please do not deviate from it. The main purpose is to enjoy the romance while talking with each other's appeals.

    The gentlemen will choose the lady first, but after meeting, the lady will be the one to decide if they want to continue with a sugar dating relationship or not with the gentleman. You may decline if you do not feel any chemistry.

  • Is it OK if I decline a intimate relationship from the gentleman or do I need to always say yes?

    As you are both adults, it will be up to both of you to decide if you want to continue your relationship together or not. Intimacy is also for you to decide and we will leave this up to you to decide.

    It takes courage to decline a intimate offer, but in general, no matter which dating type you choose, you can alsways decline it if you do not want to continue.

    The reasons behind this is that Universe Club not a job. We are not a escort service or a hostess club.
    If our services were like night jobs you would need to do this regardless as it will be your job. However this is not the case.
    The gentleman is not a client but a male member of the club.

  • Is it a must to give out my personal contacts?

    It will be your decision to give the gentleman your contact information.

    This is not a must. However you should keep the Sugar daddies close to you and contactable who are willing to aid you as you never know when it will be a plus.

I hate dating clubs like this.

  • Late calls and email replies

    Even if you had the courage to contact the service, if the staff do not reply fast enough, you will lose trust and the will to proceed. Here in Universe Club, we do not do that.

  • Even though this is supposed to be a high-end service, the staff does not fit the look or the role.

    Your probably wondering how a staff that does not seem to be appealing in anyway can produce and set up high end dates. We understand that and here in Universe Club our staff constantly try to keep up on the trends of today.

  • Even though it says not to be late on the paper work, the staff becomes late.

    When you are meeting with a rich gentleman, the gentleman values time more than anyhing else as the saying goes, "time is money". We at Universe club make sure we are always 10 minutes early and on time.

  • The homepage looks old and there is no blogs.

    We are always aiming to change and stay on the newest trends, thus we update our blogs and twitter daily.

  • There are no written statement in regards to keeping my personal information safe.

    This is the most important part of all to members. There are alot of dating apps and clubs out there that don`t have any statement on paper and we understand your worries

  • Looks too suspicious.

    The are alot of clubs that look very suspicious out there so we understand where you are coming from.

  • All the staff is very pushy and is not coopertive

    As a dating club, the female members and male members both are our clients. Therefore, we will not treat our members poorly. There will be no staff like will treat you half-heartedly that works in Universe club.

We can do interviews via video calls as well.

Contacts for our instant message accountsPlease add us with any apps that you have by searching our ID

We will mention the cautions of Sugar Dating

There are good sides of dating clubs and there are also precautions you need to understand as well. Even if the gentleman is a wealthy and handsome, there may be cases that you will get declined by him. In order for that not to happen, You need to not be late, have a clean look and also to make sure that you try your best to understand the gentleman as well. The gentleman are also human beings so if you have a positive attitude things may go in the right direction!


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