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Can I cancel my membership?

Can I cancel my membership?

* Membership termination request

Please proceed to any of our websites and contact us via the inquiry forms. On receipt of the request, we will withdraw your membership accordingly.

Please note paid and received membership fees will not be refunded and all the remaining points will become invalid altogether. To rejoin the club, an introductory meeting as well as full payment of a “membership fee” will be required.


* Membership renewals

Memberships that are paid with the subscription plans will be automatically renewed unless a membership termination request is made to Universe Club.

Memberships that are paid with the annual plan will expire in 1 year of making the payment. If additional payments are made accordingly to the annual fee amounts, your membership will be renewed for another year. In case we do not receive an additional payment for your membership, your membership will be suspended. Once an additional annual fee is paid, your account will be reactivated and all points will be retrieved.