The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club Singapore




The following are the details of the membership policy agreed upon at the time of registration.


Membership Policy

I will not share any personal information I have obtained through Universe Club with third parties. I will not divulge any confidential information regarding members I have had or am having relationships with.

We will not steal money from male members, speak abusively, etc.

I was not introduced via street scouting, which is a violation of the Anti-Nuisance Act.

I will not engage in prostitution, acts that encourage prostitution, or other illegal activities. I am not related to anti-social forces (eg involved in organized crime).

I will not answer questions about my past or current relationships with men (boyfriends, sugar daddies, etc).

I will reply to a date offer as soon as possible, within half a day (12 hours) at the latest. I will not cancel once I have confirmed a date.

I will not be late for a date, nor cancel on the day of the date.
(If you cancel on the day of the date, you will be forcibly withdrawn after the first occurrence, and you may be subject to paying penalties.)

I will not accept money or goods from male members to introduce them to other women, nor will I solicit them to join other clubs or similar businesses (bars, matching services, etc.).

The club will not interfere with, control, direct, make suggestions, etc. regarding the terms and conditions of the relationships I have with male members.

The membership is valid for six months. It will only be renewed if both the club and the female member agree to it.

I agree that if I violate any of the above, I may be expelled from Universe Club at its discretion.
In the unlikely event that I violate these terms, I may be subject to a claim for damages from the Club for breach of contract.

Personal Data Usage

I agree to the use of the provided personal data for the Club’s statistical information and promotion.