The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club Singapore


☆Female Members Referral Promo!☆

☆Female Members Referral Promo!☆


Got friends interested in becoming sugar babies? Want a sugar buddy? Need a little extra cash?

Time to introduce your friends to Universe Club! 🤗

Receive up to $100 💵 for every friend you refer to Universe Club! 

Just take note of the following conditions!

– Your friend will need to be suitable and approved by the club, with the final decision made by our HQ in Tokyo.
– If successful and your friend stays as a member for at least 3 months, you will receive $50 to $100!

As easy as 1, 2… not even 3!

Come join Universe Club now, we're waiting for you! 😍

Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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Be a Sugar Daddy in Universe Club

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Be a Sugar Baby in Universe Club