The Sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club Singapore


Online dating campaign EXTENDED!

Online dating campaign EXTENDED!


We hope everyone is doing well and taking good care of themselves in this difficult time. We at Universe Club are also doing our best!☆

Yesterday, COVID-19 cases in Singapore hit the 1000 mark… 😰 Everyone is understandably afraid and on high alert. Thus, Universe Club has decided to extend its online dating campaign, originally scheduled to run till the end of March!

Yep you read that right, we are extending it!

You can continue to date safely and responsibly, meeting beautiful ladies without any of the risk! Of course, we will handle the scheduling as usual. All you need to do is download the Zoom app and get ready to talk to the sugar baby of your dreams 😍

Recapping details from our first blog post!

Download Zoom with the following links to prepare yourself:

App Store (for iPhone)

Google Play (for Android)


~ How does it work? ~

① The concierge staff will contact you for confirmation on the scheduled day. Please plan your time well.

② A URL will be sent for Participation on the day before. Please join us 5 minutes before the promise on the day with the sent URL.

③ After joining the session, a screen name will be required. Please enter your club name.

④Both the Sugar daddy and the Sugar baby will receive a brief explanation at the same time.

⑤The concierge staff will leave shortly after the explanation. Please enjoy your 30 minutes online date.


Setting fee: half price! 50% OFF!
Standard- S$250 → S$125
Gold- S$350 → S$175
Platinum- S$600 → S$300
Black- S$1200 → S$600


・ We will not be able to accept any time extensions.

・ If you encounter any setting difficulties due to connections issues, please consult with your registered branch.

・ If you wish to use the online dating service outside, please make sure you are in a quiet location to avoid audio problems.

・ If you desire to use this service at home, please make sure to take extra precautions to family members or those who live together with you.

・ Please make sure you are alone when you date.

・ Sending URL's to anyone or recording the session, transmitting the meeting online and taking screenshots of the online date is strictly prohibited.

・ The required transportation fee of $100 on an outdoor date, will not be necessary, and you are free to exchange contact details with your partner during the session.

・ Dating rules will not apply if you meet your partner after the online date and Universe Club will not be liable to any trouble that occurs after the online date.

・ Please discuss the conditions of meeting etc. with your partner before dating.

・ To prevent any personal identification, please make sure anything that identifies you does not show on the screen.


【Handy notes to know before your online date】

・ Participation from desktop PC's and laptop PC's is possible, too.

・ It is recommended that you position your smartphone or PC camera roughly 1 m away with a downward angle from yourself.

・ If you become tired of holding the smartphone, it will be convenient to use a stand.

・ Have a drink ready.

・ If you have come to a mutual agreement, you may end the session at the same time with your partner before your 30 minutes.

・No need to worry about the public at the meeting place. Also, you don't need to worry about direction noise.

・ It is recommended avoiding using your real name, such as initials.

・ Open speakers can make it difficult to hear or pick up sounds around you. Use an earphone microphone or headset, and you can immerse yourself into the online date.

・ Although it is online dating, be careful about your appearance and make an excellent impression to your partner.

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