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Notice of business reduction and suspensions (2020/4/16 – 2020/5/20)

Notice of business reduction and suspensions (2020/4/16 – 2020/5/20)


To all corrispondances

We want to thank all our registered members and corresponding companies and individuals in these hard times.

From the 16th of April to through 20th of May, all divisions in Universe Group, including oversea branches and "The SALON" will stop operations partially closed down temporarily. 

120 out of the 150 staff will be off work with the remainder of 30 staff members working three days a week from home online to continue corresponding to a few exceptions.

Changed details:
・Membership registrations will only be conducted online.
・Excluding exceptions, only OnLINE date settings will be scheduled.
・Any date settings planned at this time will only proceed forward with confirmed intentions from both parties.
・Office hours will be from 11 am to 7 pm

Unchanged details:
・Date settings services will continue with a reduced capacity.
・Online date and matching services will remain open.

Please note, OnLINE dates will be fully available regardlessly:

We ask our members and any corresponding parties for their understanding and cooperation.

Kida, Universe Group CEO