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【IMPORTANT】Error in female members’ video playback until 20th October

【IMPORTANT】Error in female members’ video playback until 20th October


To all our members,

I am the representative of Universe Club, Kida.
Thank you as always for your continued support.

From around 10:00am JST, 28th September 2021, videos of the female profiles on our members website could not be played.

This is due to the video streaming service we have a contract with, informed the content uploaded by Universe Club was in violation of their terms of service, and our account was closed.

In the United States, where the video streaming service is located, an "escort service" refers to a prostitution service. Although Universe Club operates as a dating club and a matching service under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government laws for sugar dating, we were rejected due to the mistranslation of a dating club being equivalent to an escort service.

Currently, all video files have been downloaded and backed up in a secure environment, and we are in the process of implementing our own video playback function.

We expect to restore video playback functionality on the website by 14th October at the earliest, up to 20th October at the latest.

The videos for female members who were interviewed after 28th September can be viewed with minimal functionality.
However, please note that you may have to wait up to 10 seconds to play the video, depending on your internet speed and connection.

We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused to our female members who have come for interviews, and to our male members who have always kindly supported us.

We are working on developing our own system production company and a in-house production team in order to improve security and ensure stress-free content distribution.

If there are any female members whose videos you would like to view, kindly inform our staff. We will generate a streaming link from the backup videos we have downloaded.
However, as generating these links manually is a time-consuming process, please limit your request to a maximum of 3 members/videos.

C.E.O. Satoshi Kida