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【NOTICE】 Changes to our Star rating system for both male and female members

【NOTICE】 Changes to our Star rating system for both male and female members


To all Universe Club members,
We thank you sincerely for your support and hope you are enjoying our service.
We would like to inform our changes to the star ratings which will take place in July.


● Current situation of our star ratings

Currently, the star rating of female members is indicated by ★★★ marks on the profile page of the member website, and the basis for the rating is displayed in a pop-up window.
When a female member sends a complaint regarding a male member violating our policy during a date, a coordinator staff will look into the allegations. If valid, we will inform the male member to improve his dates moving onwards.


● Issues in the current star ratings

When female members receive poor feedback from a date, the female's star rating has stayed the same at ★★★ three stars in many cases as we cannot confirm the feedback details with the female. As a result, the star rating has not been helpful.
Male members are informed of bad feedbacks regarding the dates received from the ladies. However, there have not been any benefits towards good feedbacks.
Overall, the star rating criteria tend to be vague due to qualitative evaluation.


● Details of changes

– Female members
The feedback score from male members after a date will be added as a total score. When the score reaches a specified number, the ★ rating on the female profile page in the member site will be automatically raised or lowered. If the negative score does not improve, Universe Club will cancel the female membership.
– Male members
Universe Club will add the feedback score from female member feedbacks as a total score. If poor feedbacks are received continuously, Universe Club will send a warning to the gentleman. If there is little to no improvement, we will ask the gentleman to withdraw his membership.
If a gentleman continuously receives good feedback, Universe Club will provide him with preferential treatments.

Feedback scores for dates will be on a 5 point scale from -2 to +2 points.
+2 Very Good
+1 Fairly Good
+-0 Was as expected
-1 Not as good as expected.
-2 It was not good.

The average score for a gentleman member is 1.2 points.
1.6 points for female members
Universe Club will add a point, even with average date feedback.
Our coordinators will visually check all feedback scores to prevent unreasonably low ratings. Unreasonable low ratings will be excluded from the total.


● Date of change

We will start adding points from the date feedbacks received on or after July 1 (Thursday).


● Accumulated scores

The scores accumulated by the male members will be reset, and Universe Club will newly add points from date feedbacks received from July onwards.
For female members, we will gradually reflect your past scores to your star rating.


● Date feedback surveys

We would like to thank all our members for always sending the date feedback surveys.
After reviewing the feedback over the past six months, we have concluded that there was virtually no arbitrary bias in the feedbacks.
With the received date feedback, we will improve the quality and standards of our service and the quality of our staff, members, and the industry as a whole.
We would like to thank the members' cooperation in sending their feedback and would like to continue asking members to submit the date feedback forms after each date.


● Feedback content and scores

The feedback content and scores will not be available for members.
For self-improvement, we do receive requests to provide the details of the feedbacks.
However, if we provide the feedback details, the ladies will be put under pressure to provide neutral feedback to try and avoid any issues with a gentleman, especially if they are in contact.
We may be able to provide a general image of yourself if you receive a considerable amount of feedback, for example, "There were some feedbacks saying you were a bit aggressive in asking for a sugar dating relationship, however, you have been receiving high points overall".
In addition, providing feedback details would expose the member who sent the feedback, especially if you have only received a hand full.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our concierge staff.

Universe Club
Satoshi Kida