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【NOTICE】 Members assessment rules

【NOTICE】 Members assessment rules


Dear valued members,
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.
We would like to announce an update to our evaluation system for all members.


● Previous Information

Changes to our Star rating system for both male and female members
・The score received in the post-date feedback survey will be reflected in one's star rating.
・Male members who repeatedly receive negative feedback will be warned and advised to leave.


● Changes and Updates

・Scores received from the post-date feedback survey will be accumulated with incentives given upon membership renewal
・Male members will receive bonus points upon renewal, while female members will receive incentives from 5,000 yen up to 30,000 yen.
・The star ratings for male members will be displayed in the same way as female members.


● Effective date

・Bonus points will be given upon renewal on or after 2022/1/1.
・The star ratings for male members will be displayed around 2021/11/1.


● Bonus points for male members

At the time of renewal, if you have a cumulative feedback score of 5 points or more, bonus points will be awarded at a rate that corresponds to said score.


● Star rating display for male members

When the offer is sent to the lady, the male member's current star rating will be displayed.
Examples are as follows:
Upon registration (neutral) ★★★☆☆
With increased positive feedback ★★★★★
With increased negative feedback ★☆☆☆☆


● Rules for Evaluation

At times you may disagree with the score given, but if the number of positive ratings exceeds that of negative ratings, their score will go up!
In the future, you will also be able to check your current star rating on your member's page.
If you are found to have coerced or suggested to your date to give you a high rating, or if your rating is obviously untrue, your score will be reduced by -2 points per instance of falsification.
In the future, we plan to implement a system whereby feedback must be sent after every date.


● System Objectives

The goal of Universe Club is to ensure the happiness of all three parties involved – male members, female members, and the staff.
We want to be a great dating club where it's possible not only to talk to each other openly and freely, but also one where it's possible to understand each other's differing perspectives.


We sincerely hope that your future experiences with us will become more rewarding, and ask for the understanding of all our members.


Universe Club Representative
Kida Satoshi