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RESOLVED: 【NOTICE】Resumption of Video Playback Services from 13 October

RESOLVED: 【NOTICE】Resumption of Video Playback Services from 13 October


To our valued members

I am Kida, the Representative of Universe Club.
I would like to thank all our members for your continued support.

From 28 September, videos of female members could not be played on the members-only website. As of 13 October, the issue has been fixed and playback is once again available.

Display on the member's site has been checked both internally and externally, but there is still a possibility of display errors depending on the individual member's viewing environment. Should there be any issues, please take a screenshot and inform our staff. We will do our best to fix it immediately.


●Circumstances that led to the loss of video access

This was because the video streaming service we contracted with had informed us that the contents uploaded by Universe Club had violated their terms of service, and our account was thus closed.

In the United States, where the service is based, an "escort service" refers to prostitution. Although Universe Club operates as a dating club and date matching service licensed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it was not accepted due to the mistranslation that a dating club was an escort/prostitution service.


●Subsequent Actions

Currently, all video files have been downloaded in a secure environment and we have implemented our own video streaming function as well. In theory, this increases our level of security, broadcast freedom, and future scalability as we need not go through a third-party service.

We will do our best to improve the level of security and provide stress-free service distribution than ever before.

C.E.O. Kida Satoshi