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【NOTICE】 Service suspension on 5/13(Fri.)-14(Sat.)

【NOTICE】 Service suspension on 5/13(Fri.)-14(Sat.)


Due to "Employee Training", our services will be closed during 5/13(Fri.)-14(Sat.).

<Employee training period>
13/5/2022 (Fri.)-14/5 (Sat.)


Services during the employee training period (Friday, 13/5/2022 – Saturday, 14/5/2022)

1. Inquiries through LINE/WhatsApp/phone/email for date scheduling, requests for female details, membership meetings and interviews will be suspended from 5/13 (Fri.) to 5/14 (Sat.).

2. The day before "Final confirmations" and any incidents regarding dates during the training period will be handled as usual.

3. After 14:00 on 5/14 (Sat.), Singapore branch and International Japan will resume membership meeting and interviews services in the requested received order.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the employee training and appreciate your understanding.

Please contact our staff with any inquiries regarding this closer. 

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International Japan branch