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In regards to the Coronavirus

In regards to the Coronavirus


To everyone in relations with Universe Club.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and use of our services. My name is Kida the C.E.O.

In regards to the Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to express 
our thoughts and service operation changes during this period.
We would truly grateful if we have all of your kind understanding of this matter.

In the recent news of the Coronavirus outbreak, On concerns with dating and using our dating platform service we at the moment think its not on a level of absolute threat yet. The reasons
for this is as follows.

・ There is no contact with unspecified majorities while you're on a date
(The date is usually held in private rooms)

・ Dates and interviews themselves are one-on-one contacts and somewhat preventable

・ If you are ill, don't go on a date (because it does not work) And so on.
(basically we will cancel dates if you/the female member is ill)

However, this new type of virus is still unknown to how it is to be cured and as our services are on an exclusive members-only base we care about all of our members so, in this process, we have made the following new guidelines to ensure everyone`s anxiety.

【Those who can come to the enrollment interview in the future】
・ Upon your registration request if you have been overseas for the past or within
2 weeks we will need to schedule the enrollment interview 3 weeks after this time.
(Please note that we will be asking if you have previously travelled within 2 weeks)

【Current Members】
・ The day before you go on your date we will have you check your body temperature,
If your temperature is below the average 37.5 degrees. If you have a fever or any kind of
coughing we will postpone your date.

・ Every date you go on we will have you confirm and agree that you have an average temperature as well as no cough symptoms.
(In the case of false declaration, we will specify that you will be subject to penalties and alimony.)

・ For members who have come back from an overseas trip, we will only accept offers after 14 days
and we know that you're healthy.

【Within our company】
・ In-house employees are to work from home as much as possible. (Risk reduction when commuting)
・ A thermometer will always be provided in the office, and the temperature must be measured once a week.
・ If the staff is coughing or has a fever of 37.5 ° C we will have them go to the hospital with a mask on or have them work from home.
・ Hand washing and alcohol disinfection at least 3 times a day (after going out and after the toilet) Mandatory
・ Mandatory mask-wearing in the office and the use of a mask when meeting with members outside or clients outside especially if the staff is coughing or sneezing.
(However the use of masks is only to those who need it to avoid buying out masks)
・Employees who have travelled abroad are to work from home for 14 days

These will be the following bystanders from avoiding the outbreak of the virus to spread.
Please note that I have just announced this to all of my employees just now, So even if you ask a question in regards to this to our employees they may not be able to answer your questions.
If you have any questions please ask them in our questionnaire box in order to get a quick response.

As for myself and my family for the past 5 years, there was someone who would catch the flu or
get a major cold but my family has not heard anything of this sort as of yet and they are perfectly healthy. It may be because we are being very careful about the situation and I am really grateful for all the news so we can stay ahead in this.

For our members who are part of Universe Club, there is a majority of our members who are well prepared and are very concerned about the risks of going on dates. )If this was not the case I believe that you will not pay a high amount to join) So I ask of everyone`s cooperation and understanding so we can protect our members and your health as well.