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☆50% Off Setting Fee!! March Online Dating Campaign!!☆

☆50% Off Setting Fee!! March Online Dating Campaign!!☆


As you can see the previous blog, we are setting up ONLINE DATING for now due to the widespread virus situation! 

And for the month of March we are having a setting fee 50% off campaign for our Platinum& Black class gentlemen members!


.。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚.。.:*・゚

Setting fee: half price! 50% OFF!
Standard- S$250 → S$125
Gold- S$350 → S$175
Platinum- S$600 → S$300
Black- S$1200 → S$600

。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚・*:.。 。.:*・゚♡★♡゚.。.:*・゚


Date the sugar baby you would like for half the price! A Black class lady whom you can meet for the half the setting fee! 

You can still date the sugar baby candidate you've been eyeing without leaving the comfort of your own home 👍👍👍

In fact, it might be even better for some since you can check the chemistry of both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby before even meeting up √√√

As you know, not all dates in Universe Club is 100% guranteed successful (or in Singlish, Confirm Guarantee Plus Chop!) since the 2 parties have no prior contact or communication with each other before actually meeting up on the date. (Of course, we try our very best in matching the sugar babies and sugar daddies!) 

Just have a 30 minutes online date where you can chat about anything under the sun! The sugar daddy can also take the opportunity to check the requirement and needs of the sugar baby before meeting up ♪ 


I think this is a great opportunity to date the girls since you only need to pay half the amount of setting fee! Check the chemistry and make plans for your next date with her in real life! 😆😆😆💖

Meet your sugar baby at the utmost ease with Universe Club! 



Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore

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