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Press release: Universe Group releases an OnLINE service

Press release: Universe Group releases an OnLINE service

The Universe Group has launched a new service for members that are in a lockdown environment.


As the Covid-19 situation sees no end, Universe Group has launched an OnLINE service for members utilizing video chat LINE, WhatsApp, and Zoom applications.


The goal is to maintain the same service they have been offering to feel the love with sugar date partners at there homes during these dark times. More than ever before, sugar dating love will be a way for the members to seek peace and excitement at home by talking safety OnLINE to verified members.


Universe Group is a congregation of 14 Universe Club branches across Japan with branches in Singapore and Taiwan. This vast network of branches will enable sugar daddies and sugar babies to talk with verified partners in different locations as well as in other country's safety. This service will also be an additional safety net for the partners to understand each other before they meet in person.


The service also provides the ladies with compensation for participating in OnLINE dating.


Universe Club opened in 2011 from Tokyo and has spread to the far reaches of Japan. This will be there first time making changes to there main sugar dating service from a physical date to virtual dating.


Campaign Overview:

Sugar daddies will be able to request for an OnLINE date with their chosen partner through LINE, WhatsApp, and Zoom.


OnLINE Date rates:

  • ・Standard: S$125
  • ・Gold: S$175
  • ・Platinum: S$300
  • ・Black: S$600


Compensation for the ladies:

Ladies will receive 66 SGD through Paypal from Universe Club after participating in the OnLINE date.

*08/04/2020 Compensation method has been changed from an Amazon gift to a Paypal payment.


Details of OnLINE dates

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