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Excerpt of the Universe Club Membership Policy
7 January 2019

Membership Eligibility

Membership eligibility is limited to gentlemen who are mentally and financially capable, hold a regular job or sufficient assets, and are willing to provide the Club with their real name and contact information (mobile number).

In the event that a member is arrested or indicted during the period of their membership, his member’s page will be suspended until he is proven innocent. If found guilty, membership will be forcibly withdrawn and the membership fee will not be refunded.

Please note that we do not accept membership from anyone related to organized crime groups or those similar to them.

Date Settings

We will send you your login information for the members-only site. Please inform the Club of the lady you would like to date, your preferred day and time, etc.

The setting fee is charged upon confirmation of the date and must be paid by the day before the date. If payment is not made, we may cancel the setting, suspend your membership, and/or charge you a late fee.

Regarding Cancellations

Please refrain from canceling or changing to another lady after the date has been confirmed.

If the lady cancels the date after it has been confirmed, the date will be rescheduled with her or with another lady, or the setting fee will be refunded in points.

Please note that the setting fee is non-refundable in cash.

Regarding Dates and Relationships

On the day of the date, the lady will call your mobile phone upon arrival at the venue. There may be cases where her number is private.

Please be sure to give the lady her transportation fee (5,000 yen to 10,000 yen in cash as a thank you for the date) during the date.

If you are interested in continuing a relationship, please be sure to exchange contact information (the Club cannot provide this information).

Regarding Membership Expiration and Suspensions

  • If you wish to rejoin after your membership has expired, the membership fee must be paid again. (If rejoining within a month, please discuss with the staff.)
    ※Please note that any remaining points in your account will be forfeited when your membership expires.
  • However, in the following cases, you can extend (carry over) your membership for up to 6 months.

A) You are physically unable to go on dates due to being on an extended overseas trip, etc.
B) You are physically unable to go on dates due to long-term hospitalization, illness, etc.

In the above cases, you will not be able to view the members’ page during the corresponding period.

Upon return, membership validity will be extended after submitting proof of the above cases.

Prohibited Activities

Members who commit any of the following acts will be forcibly expelled from the Club and the admission fee will not be refunded.

  1. Illegal acts (including voyeurism, eavesdropping, suggestions of prostitution) or other such activities that the Club deems unsuitable for membership.
  2. Verbal abuse, violence, harassment, stalking towards members or staff, or forcing members or staff to withdraw or resign from the Club.
  3. Publishing or forwarding a member’s photos or private information online, or allowing non-members to use the photos.
  4. Sharing your member ID, password, or other information obtained from the Club with third parties (including female members).

Referral System

Please feel free to introduce your friends to the Club. If your friend becomes an annual member and pays the membership fee, both of you will receive a one-time bonus date setting.
※Duplication or use in conjunction with other services, campaigns, or affiliates is prohibited. If we discover a duplicate, we will invalidate and cancel both parties’ bonuses.


The information in a female member’s profile is self-reported, and we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy.

Please note that the names of the male and female members are exclusive names (club names).

A date is up to both parties to conduct freely and the Club cannot force or control any details of the date.

Even if a woman cancels the date on the day itself, we cannot provide any compensation or service other than a point refund of the setting fee.

Any problems between you and the lady after the initial introduction will be your responsibility. You are responsible for any personal information you share with your partner. The Club cannot give out any information about your partner.

The Membership Agreement is subject to change without notice.

Full Membership Policy