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Our Singapore branch was launched in November in 2019 and is the first branch outside of Japan.
Since its launch, we have been successful in scheduling sugar dinner dates in Singapore with both Singapore registered ladies and gentlemen as well as gentlemen from other branches with Singapore registered ladies.

Sugar dating in Singapore
The concept of Sugar Dating, to the majority, is providing the partner with a sexual time in return for financial benefits or gifts.
However, at Universe Club, we only schedule dinner dates with the 2 parties. Any activities after the dinner date will be discussed and always agreed by the 2 parties as to the same as if in a normal relationship.

Why Universe Club Singapore?
Different from online dating apps, we ensure you do not waste your time needing to make sure you're not being scammed by imitators.
Our service provides you with authentic members conducting interviews and meetings, not only to authenticate if the registration was requested by a person but also to ensure the person has the correct mindset for sugar dating.
For example, a person requesting a registration who only seeks sex will be denied. The person will not be able to respect the partner of who and what that person is as well as making the date unenjoyable.

Ladies registered in the Singapore branch
Singapore attracts people from all over the world for its glamorous atmosphere as well as it's attention from firms allocating there business's to Singapore. At Universe Club Singapore, you will be able to find a variety of ladies from a wide range of backgrounds working in various occupations, from models to admin workers aged from 18 and above.

With your preferences, our staff will be able to recommend you with your type of partner making your time with us productive and well spent, saving you from the hassle of online dating apps.
Contact our Singapore staff and schedule a meeting to hear more about our service before your registration!


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