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  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    I had great time with him, he is very friendly and kind, has good manner and polite, full of humor:) Thank you for arranging the date with him!

  • Total:+2 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:+2

    He's a real gentleman and very generous, but a tad too clingy. We shall see as time progresses.

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    The gentleman is so kind, friendly, smart and humorous. What surprises me the most is he speaks fluent Japanese! I had great time with him, thank you so much :)

  • Total:±0 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:±0/Manners:±0

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    He was really nice gentleman respect women

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+1/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    Mr Toshy is a gentleman and extremely pleasant to be around with!

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:±0

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+1

  • Total:+2 Appearance:+2/Experience:+2/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

    It’s real gentlemen, we click fast and have fun night with laugh and chill . Decided to start relationships together and that was lucky for us on first date

  • Total:+1 Appearance:±0/Experience:±0/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:+1/Personality:+2/Manners:+2

  • Total:+1 Appearance:+1/Experience:±0/Personality:+1/Manners:+1